Needlepoint Lace Tutorial – Part 1

June 5, 2007 at 5:24 pm | Posted in Lace, Tutorial | 4 Comments

I’ve decided on a new lace pattern, something a bit more natural than the geometric patterns I’ve been doing lately. After a recent storm there were lots of those little maple seeds to be found, so I took some and photographed them lying on black paper:

Maple Seeds

Using this picture I want to walk you trough the process of making a simple needlepoint lace project as I’m doing it.

To convert the photograph into a lace pattern I printed it out out in the size I wanted, then traced the outline using transparent paper and glued this onto a piece of cardboard:

Mapleseed Lace Pattern

I probably could have done this step with some kind of image processing software, but I’m pretty sure this was faster. When working with white yarn, I recommend using dark cardboard to increase the contrast. You can also see on that picture that I already pricked holes along the lines. The whole pattern is about 10 cm wide and the distance between holes is about 3 mm. Now that I’ve scanned the pattern to show to you, I can continue with the following steps, preparing the project for actually working on it. This will be covered in Part 2 of this tutorial.



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  1. […] FYI: Needlepoint lace is a form of embroidery which we don’t see very much. TextileDreamer has a 10part tutorial on how to master the complexities of this form. Part one is here. […]

  2. I like the laces, any type of them. Your tutorial is magnificent!! Thanks so much!
    I discovered to you in Stitch Fingers

    Maria del Valle

  3. thanks for the tutorial… i always wanted to learn this work .thanks

  4. Thank you so much for the clear instructions on needle lace. I happened across a site that had mentioned it. I love doing all sorts of needlework and have become fasinated with laces of all types. Now excited to get started on my first needle lace project.

    Thank you again,

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