Reticella heart

June 2, 2007 at 2:34 pm | Posted in Lace | 8 Comments

Heart in Reticella needle-point lace

I finally finished up my latest project. This heart measures 10*10 cm. I adapted the pattern from Needle-made Laces, an old pattern book with lots of Reticella patterns. It is made from Anchor Mercer Crochet Cordonnet Nr. 80 in white, with some Cotton perlé Nr. 8 for the cordonnette. Since the perle cotton has a slightly different tone it shows through in places, so for the future I’ll use the Anchor yarn in a different size for the cordonnette, too.

I’m not sure yet what kind of project I’ll do next, but I think it will go in another direction, away from the purely geometric stuff. I’m thinking of some leaves or flowers to turn into a lace motif.


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  1. Wow! How gorgeous!

  2. This is really nice – I love the texture of it – i really want to pick it up!

  3. […] If you want to see some nicer examples of needlelace, check out Textile Dreams, especially the reticella heart. There’s also a very nice needlelace tutorial on Textile […]

  4. Beautiful! Great job.

  5. Your workmanship is flawless! Very well done.

  6. Love it! So well done. Sigh, another type of lace I want to learn!

    • Thank you! Unfortunately, needlepoint lace takes a boatload of time to do, so I don’t get enough of it done.

  7. […] Reticella is one of the oldest needle-lace styles. I designed this heart myself based on historical examples. Here’s the original blog post about this one. […]

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