More needlepoint lace

February 24, 2007 at 7:39 pm | Posted in Lace | 6 Comments

I finally got around to take pictures of some of my older lace projects, so here’s a nice one:Bird in Needlepoint Lace

I found the motive for this in the exhibition catalogue for an exhibition of Art Noveau Textiles. It is an Asian (or Asia-inspired) motive that was on a fabric in a patchwork wall hanging. What I like about this is that the whole motive is inscribed in a circle, making a closed piece without any background. And it was a nice excuse to use different lace filling stitches on the different parts of the wings.



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  1. How big is this piece? Do you have any for sale?

    • This has a diameter of about 13 cm. As for sale, I don’t think I could put a price tag on any of the needle lace I make, the time investment is quite big. I couldn’t even estimate how many hours that one took.

  2. This is really beautiful. How on earth did I miss this until now? Your stitching is so neat and regular.

  3. So elegant! I do love this one.

  4. Can You please tell me where you got the pattern from and can you still get it.

    • Sorry, no pattern for this one. I drafted it after an illustration in a book I have.

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