Pillow cover – backing instructions

February 21, 2007 at 8:15 pm | Posted in Patchwork, Tutorial | 3 Comments

Pillow with Ribbons

This is another one of my pillow covers. I think I already said that I like to make these because they’re just the right size for trying out new things. To make the whole process even easier, I don’t use anything complicated for closing them, so no buttons or zippers necessary! Here’s a pic of the backside of that pillow cover:

Pillow - backside

This one is nice because I used two different fabrics for the two parts, so you can see how it is made: I use to pieces of fabric that are as wide as the front of the pillow, and considerably longer than half the height, so if you line them up at the top and bottom with the front, they’ll overlap in the middle. Actually, you can see it in that picture, since the blue is darker than the green and shows through. The amount of overlap you see is about the minimum you’ll need in a 40*40 cm pillow, I usually make this a bit bigger. I seam the backing fabric only at the side that will be in the middle, usually with 2 seams. Then I layer the parts: First, the quilted front piece with right side up, then the backing piece that goes on top (the green one) with the left side up aligned on one side, then the other backing piece (the blue one) aligned on the opposite side. Pin on all four sides, taking special care of the places where the open seams will be in the middle. They should be pinned well enough to have no chance to fold over while sewing. Don’t ask me how I know! Sew with a 0.75 cm seam (if that’s your standard seam allowance) around all four sides of the pillow cover. Turn the whole thing inside out – finished!


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  1. I just found this pattern while looking for something to do aother than quilts and it looks interesting. How do I get the pattern?

  2. This pillow cover wasn’t made from a pattern, I designed it myself. So there’s no pattern available. Sorry I can’t help you with this.

  3. […] my standard pillow size and I’m not very likely to use it as a wallhanging, I used my usual pillow closure at the back, so I can actually use it as a pillow cover after the exhibition. I’m calling it […]

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