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May 20, 2006 at 9:11 pm | Posted in Patchwork | 1 Comment

My first big quilt

Ok, I actually managed to insert a picture into this blog. What you see, is my first (and only) bed-sized quilt to date. It’s a distorted log cabin pattern, the instructions came from Patchwork- und Quiltjournal Nummer 65, November/Dezember 2002. The fabric was the cheapest all cotton fabric I could find at the time, it’s “Ditte” from IKEA, and they still sell that stuff, although in completely different colorways. I really like the effect the colours have, and the quilt lies on my bed every day. I really enjoy looking at it, although it’s been lying there since 2003.

Lessons learned from this project?

  • The most difficult job was machine-quilting the whole thing. I finally managed, but not without a fight. This is the fact that stops me from making big quilts, since I like to be able to handle the whole thing under the sewing machine.
  • This project was made from 120 blocks, and they definitely were not the same size. To make it possible to join the blocks correctly I had to trim them, and although inside the block not all of them are the same, this gives a very good effect in the finished quilt.

That’s all for the moment, I just read in my notes that it actually took me only 5 months to finish the whole project. I wouldn’t have thought that!


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